Things you need to know before
bringing your pet to stay...

Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella vaccines must be current.

Flea and Tick treatment is also a must and can be provided
at a fee if you do not have it.
Dogs will be inspected and if any live fleas are found, flea bath will be
given and Advantix will be applied at extra charges.

It can be comforting to your pets to have their own beds or toys from home
which you are welcome to bring. We like the dogs to keep busy so please
bring their favorite things to chew on.
(We do supply cozy bedding should you choose not to bring your own)

We feed Iams adult or puppy
which ever is appropriate.
If you prefer to bring what your pet eats you are welcome to do so,
I will feed as per your instructions.

Check List...

What you need to bring with you when checking in your pet.

1. Vaccinations (bring verification from your vet or have it faxed
over ahead of time) Copy of your Dogs Rabies certificate, no originals please.

2. Current Vets Name, address and contact phone number in case of emergency.

3. An emergency contact number while you are away.

4. (optional), something from home to make your pet feel
at home during its stay.



$55 per night

A second pet in the same kennel is an additional $30 per night

If pets are 8 pounds or less 3 can be kenneled together at
$55 per night for the first dog, and $15 per dog for
each additional.

A second or third pet in a different kennel is $45 per night

Charges begin the day of check-in regardless of time.
Check out by 11:00 am will not have boarding charges for that day.
Check out after 11:00 am will be charged a full day/night regardless
of time at pick up.

There is a 10% discount on total for dogs that stay for 21 nights or more.



Special play time with a person is always included free during you pet's stay.
I feel social time for your pet is very important for them to be happy here.

Needed medications are $1.00 per dispensing.

Contact Me:

Lana Price

Yorba Linda, Ca 92886
Phone # 714-985-9270

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