This is Am. Can. Mex. Int'l CH. Sungold's Bingo Lil Muller in 1987.
He is CH. Lana's Top Priority's sire.
I aquired him from Anna LaFortune in 1985.


This is CH. Lana's Moonlight Fandancer, Top Priority's Dam.

This is CH. Lana's Top Priority at 7 months old placing 4th
in the toy group in 1987 handled at first by me.
But then went on to be specialed by Don Walker.
He ranked as high as #2 pom in 1988.

Pictured below is Ch. Lana's Top Echelon "Loni"

CH. Lana's Top Echelon "Loni" pictured with Ray LaFortune
him in 1989. He's past on now but was a Topper son.

This is Am. Mex. Int'l. CH. Lana's I'm a Topper Too
in Mexican & International shows in
finishing with a group one and group placments every day.
He's Top Priority's last son.